The “Real” Me

I struggle to decide what to tell you about the “real” me.  My colleagues would probably tell you that I am intelligent, funny, and that I have a tendency to “bird-dog” a project.  This is their term for the way I sink my teeth into a case and refuse to let go.  They might also tell you that I am a great interrogator; I have a knack for listening and adapting my interrogation to the needs of the suspect (or witness).  Finally, they are likely to say that I am super competitive.  That competitive spirit has made me confident, but it has also helped me develop into one of the best.

Though my colleagues’ description of me is fair, I would add that I am full of contradictions.  I am 27 years old, but I am often mistaken for a much older man.  I am competitive and want badly to be the best, but I am not an attention seeker.  Positive feedback is my currency (I love nothing more than hearing that I did great work), but I do not like to receive that positive feedback in public.  I am confident, occasionally to a fault, but I am a firm believer in practicing manners and respect (still call everyone Ma’am and Sir – never call my bosses by their first names).

If you haven’t spent much time with me, a few blog posts are not going to paint an accurate picture of who I am.  Without some context, the posts simply don’t mean much.  That is why I plan to post some stories in the coming weeks and months that will provide that context.  I love talking about my work, especially when I hit a proverbial homerun with a case, so my stories will also give you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a detective.

Until next time.


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