Job Search Update

I realized today that I am veering off course by posting about everything but my job search (qualifications, opinions, stories, etc.).  Although I plan to publish a lot of semi-related posts and some totally unrelated posts, it’s high time for an update.  Luckily, something exciting happened today.  For the first time since I began the job search, I received an email from the owner of a company for which I want to work.


Though I would love to share the name of the company and tell you about their awesome products, I do not have permission to do so.  I have no desire to put this company’s owner on the spot.  I also worry that my newfound celebrity could lead people to boycott any company that is unwilling to hire me.  Some of you may not realize this, but since I started blogging I have become a HUGE international hit.  I estimate my loyal followership in the dozens.  That’s right…dozens! (FYI: The international part actually is true.  According to the blog’s analytics page, I got three hits from Germany this week.)


Before I narrowed my search to sales and marketing jobs within small companies, I was all over the map.  I applied to, and was turned down by, Google, Yahoo!, WalMart, Living Social, Gilt Group, private military contractors, universities (adjunct professor), and many more.  This approach simply did not yield results.  Frankly, I think that I underestimated the competition in the job market.  A couple of months ago, I burned out on sending an endless stream or resumes to companies that rarely responded and always rejected.  I decided it was a time to change.


I decided to apply Warren Buffet’s investment strategy to my job search.  The idea was to find a well-run, growing company selling a great product that I understand.  If it sounds simple, that’s because it is!  So I started reading as many articles as I could find about up-and-coming entrepreneurs and thinking about my favorite products.  One of the first articles I found mentioned a young entrepreneur (27 years old, just like me) who started a business while in college.  As it turned out, I had been on his company’s website a few days earlier to order Christmas gifts for my dad and sisters.  The thing that really sold me on this company was the fact that, when one of the items I ordered was out of stock, the owner sent me an email immediately.  Bingo!


I sent the owner an email last weekend:




My name is Taft and I want to join your team.  (Company) seems like an exciting company and I would love the opportunity to be a part of it.  I have a unique combination of education and experience that could benefit your team.  I am young, aggressive, creative, and willing to work my ass off to prove myself.


I have worked in law enforcement for the past six years.  At 27 years old, I am the youngest supervisor, detective, federal SAR team member, and SWAT member my department.  I put myself through college by working as a cop – earning a B/S in business and a M/A in management.  All the while, I have never taken a sick day and never lost a case. Simply put, I get the job done.


My resume and a couple of reference letters are attached.  You are also welcome to call my department (828-XXX-XXXX) and ask around about me.  I hope you will keep me in mind if an opportunity for which I might be a good fit comes along.


Taft Love”


Excited Kid


After months of non-stop rejection, words can’t express how excited I was to hear back from this business owner (this picture, on the other hand…).  I am confident that my new approach is partly responsible for this small victory.  I’ll update you on the progress of this and any other applications in future posts.  I also hope to be able to tell you about the company and their products (pending permission).




Until next time.



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