Tight Schdeule

I don’t have much time.  Every day, that fact is becoming clearer.  Last night, I made an important decision: I am going to get rid of everything that I can’t fit in my Bronco.  That means furniture, rugs, and about a thousand giant plastic containers worth of junk that I never use.  It just doesn’t make sense renting a storage unit, and paying upwards of $500 next year, to store things that I never use.  As my dad pointed out last we spoke, the furniture and kitchen supplies are easily replaceable when I return to the states.

Unfortunately, my solution (getting rid of extra stuff) is also a problem.  How the hell do I get rid of all this stuff?  By February 17, I should be in South Korea, so the clock is ticking.  My last day of work at the PD is January 19, so I can’t do a whole lot until then.  The first step is photographing all of the valuable stuff so that I can send photos to all of my friends and coworkers, some of whom will hopefully want to buy it.  I may have to donate what’s left, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

As I read more about living in Korea, I learn about an increasing number of things that I will have to pack in bulk.  Apparently Koreans don’t use much deodorant and antiperspirant, which means that I will have to pack a year’s supply of deodorant in order to avoid outrageous prices in western import stores.  Most Korean toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride, so I’ll also have to pack a lot of toothpaste.  I can already see the suspicious customs agent nosing through my bag full of deodorant and toothpaste.  He’ll probably assume that I’m either a smuggler or the smelliest guy in the world.

Along with packing, I have to make a few appearances around the east coast.  I am meeting a few college friends at ECU next weekend, which should be a blast.  Then I have to head north to Maryland to see my aunt and uncle.  I also have to see some friends in Charlotte and Virginia.  Way too much to do.


Caldwell County Sheriff's Office

My new patch.

Finally, I have to transfer my law enforcement certification to another department.  Because the rules pertaining to certification are more lenient for sheriffs’ offices in NC than those for police departments, I had to ask my local sheriff’s office to hold my certification while I’m gone.  Otherwise, I would lose my certification and have to attend the academy all over again if I decide to return to NC.  This means physicals, forms, endless paperwork, and notarizations.  So, before I leave, I will be a member of the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office.

I think you get the point – I’m busy.  So, I’ll get to it.

Until next time.


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