Getting Nervous

I can’t help but start to get nervous as the trip grows nearer.  What if my contract doesn’t arrive on time?  What if I have issues getting my visa after the contract arrives?  What if some other unexpected issue arises at the last minute?  These questions have been spinning around my head for several days now.  Though I am confident that EPIK, the organization for which I am going to work, will do everything necessary to ensure that I make it on time, I don’t love waiting around with limited information.

That brings me to my next point: I am a little worried about my ability to remain sane in the Korean workplace.  Almost everything that I have read indicates that Koreans are perpetually late and operate on a strict need-to-know basis.  This need-to-know policy is different than the American military version (or paramilitary, in my case).  In the Korean version, according to several blogs, teachers are seldom aware of major scheduling changes until minutes before they take effect.

I’ve already started to prepare myself for these workplace changes.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to adapt quickly and learn to operate within the Korean culture without any problems.  Besides, what choice do I have but to deal with it?

Time to get back to packing and organizing.  This giant pile of stuff isn’t going to sell itself.

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Getting Nervous

  1. catie says:

    Super excited that you found a job. I know how much stress that can cause. Just know that if you are going, God will equip you with the patience and strength you need to handle whatever you face. 🙂 Be safe in Korea – and keep us all updated. I’ll be praying. Hugs.

  2. wtl0715 says:

    Thanks, Catie. I’m excited too. A little sad to be leaving, but ready for a little adventure. I hope you and your family are well and look forward to talking to you soon.

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