New Update

I got an email this morning letting me know that my contract will arrive in Canada today.  It should reach me within the week.  Until it arrives here, I can’t submit an application for my E-2 Korean Visa (required to teach in South Korea).  I think that it will all feel real once the contract arrives.

Last night I got together with some of my friends and coworkers at a local restaurant for dinner and drinks.  The whole time, I was thinking about how I should be freaking out about leaving these people and this place.  It’s just not happening.  Maybe I’m too busy selling furniture and packing clothes to get worried.  Will it hit me like a freight train on my last day of work?  Maybe I’ll have a monumental panic attack somewhere above Anchorage, during which I would get to spend some quality time with an Air Marshall.  Or maybe it won’t happen at all.

I am exactly one month from landing in Korea and starting over.

Until next time.


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