Waiting Game

I got an email from my recruiter in Canada yesterday.  My contract and NOA (Notice of Appointment) are on the way.  According to UPS, they should arrive tomorrow.  I can’t shake the feeling that I won’t get everything done in time.  It is difficult to stand by with little control over the process.  The remainder of the process is not complicated, but an otherwise minor delay could cause major problems.

I am set to receive three copies of the contract and the NOA.  Once the contracts arrive, I have to send the signed copy back to Canada.  The recruiter in Canada will send the contract back to Korea.  I also have to send a copy of the contract to the Korean consulate in Atlanta along with the NOA and visa application.  Once they approve my E-2 Korean teaching visa, they stamp my passport and return it to me.  They also reserve the right to call me in to the consulate for an interview.

Once the contract is signed and the visa is stamped, I’ll be ready to start booking flights.  With any luck, the flights will still be fairly cheap.  If not, I might end up burning through a lot of the vacation and comp time that I’ve saved up over the past few years.

In the mean time, I’m going to finish out the day, close out the chapter of my life that began with Lenoir PD, and set out to see the people to whom I want to say goodbye before I leave.

Until next time.


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