One Down…Four To Go

I got back from Greenville, NC late last night.  I spent the weekend visiting with my old friends and roommates from ECU.  We had a great time hanging out around our old stomping grounds.  Everything has changed in Greenville, but it feels exactly the same (except for the part where I was ready to go to bed before last call).

There was a new bar, called Winslow’s Tavern downtown, near the ECU campus.  My old roommate Jeff, who lives in Greenville, took us there the first night.  I was not looking forward to spending the evening in a bar downtown.  Downtown Greenville is synonymous with drunk 18 year-old kids packed like sardines into every bar.  Fortunately, Winslow’s breaks the mold.  It was a nice place with good food, plenty of space, and the coolest wine bar I’ve ever seen.

By the time we arrived, the wine bar was closed, so I thought we were out of luck.  Fortunately, they have an electronic wine dispenser.  It took me a while to figure out how it worked, but I finally realized that I had to go to the cashier, give her some cash, and tell her to load it onto a stored-value card (looks like a hotel room key).  Then you put the card in the dispenser and start trying all of the wines.  Unfortunately, all of the wines absolutely sucked, but that’s not the point – the machine was really cool.


I finished the weekend out at Jeff’s place, playing with his new puppy.  The dog’s still very young, but she’s already learning obedience.  My guess is that Jeff has a great dog on his hands.  I haven’t had a puppy in six years, so I forgot how cute they are. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll leave you with this:


This week, I’ll be wrapping up my farewell tour.  I’ve completed one stop on the tour, and I have four more to go.  After spending some time packing today, I’ll be headed to Martinsville, VA to see my grandmother.  Tomorrow morning, it’s on to Maryland to see my aunt.  On Thursday, I fly from DC to Ft. Lauderdale to see my other grandparents.  Then, I do it all in reverse.  So, wish me luck on the road and I’ll post updates when I have time.

Until next time.




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