El Catrin Barberia

Last time I visited my parents in Irvine (California), my dad took me to his new barbershop, El Catrin Barberia.  At first, I didn’t plan to get my hair cut as I’ve been cutting my own hair (buzz cut) for several years.

Capri at El Catrin

Once inside, I changed my mind.  There was an open seat and a cute barber named Capri, so I asked her if she would mind giving me a quick buzz.  She agreed and did an awesome job – buzz cut, neck shave, hot towel, and a massage.  Best of all, she didn’t charge me.

I went back to El Catrin today and got another haircut from Capri.  It was great, just like last time.  She charged me this time around, but the price was reasonable.  She even took the time to trim up my new beard and fade it into my baldness.

On a side note, I need some help deciding whether I should keep the beard.  It looked fine with a little hair, but I can’t figure out if I look too much like that Wolly Willy toy.

Ok, back to the barber shop.  There is always a movie playing – last time it was Zombieland and today it was Bloodsport.  When my dad got his hair cut last week and they played I Love You, Man.  They also have a refrigerator full of free drinks for customers who are waiting.  If you’re in the Santa Ana area, and need a haircut, I strongly recommend El Catrin.

In other news, the trip preparation is on hold until I get a replacement check card.  Apparently it’s supposed to take a week or two to get here.  Once it arrives, I’ll tell you more about what I’m doing to get ready for Korea.

Until next time.


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