Deja Vu – Crystal Cove

My dad’s cousin, Julia, is staying with us this week.  She is looking for a job in Southern California and she has been busy all week.  This afternoon, she managed to find some time to go out with us.  Zoe, Julie, my dad, and I went back to Crystal Cove today, the same place we went last week when we ate at The Beachcomber.  You can read about our last trip here.

Instead of starting out at The Beachcomber, we took a walk on the beach.  This is the same beach that you may have seen on the show Laguna Beach and in several movies.  There is no doubt that the scenery is incredible.

We had to turn around after about a half mile because my dad’s ankle started to hurt.  The trip back was nice, and I got plenty of great pictures.  That brings me to a question for you.  Is there a way for me to include more photos into my posts without taking up too much space?  For example, is there a way to insert several thumbnails at the bottom of a post?

Once we made it back to The Beachcomber, we decided to grab seats at the bar and relax.    I ordered margaritas (surprise!) and the others split some appetizers.  My dad bought the first round and the first margarita was absolutely amazing.  I got the second round, and the second margarita sucked.  I can only guess that the bartender changed between rounds.  Fortunately, she was irresponsibly hot, so I cut her some slack.

As we were leaving the restaurant, I noticed a building that I didn’t see last time.  It was a neat old building that was repainted to look the way it looked seventy years ago when it was built.  It’s called the Soda Shack and it’s the place where all the locals bought sodas when they left Irvine to come to the beach.

After stumbling upon the Soda Shack, I stepped into the visitor center and learned a bit of history about the beach.  Crystal Cove is where the people who worked for the Irvine family lived and where the Irvine family vacationed between the late 19th century through the mid 20th century.  Initially, the servants lived in shanties made from whatever they could find.  In the early 1900s, a ship carrying lumber wrecked near the Crystal Cove beach and tons of lumber washed ashore.  They used the lumber to build houses on the beach.

Several of the aforementioned houses can still be found on the beach.  Most of them were updated several times since they were built nearly 100 years ago, but their age still showed.  I took several pictures and posted the best of them below.

And this is my favorite photo from the day:

Until next time.


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