Trading Begins

When I left Lenoir PD, I asked for and was given a bunch of uniform patches to trade with other departments around the US and abroad.  My goal is to make a substantive addition to the giant patch collection that hangs on the wall at Lenoir PD.  I began today at Santa Ana PD in southern California.

I didn’t plan to head to SAPD this afternoon, but I happened to be in the area and had a couple of patches in my pocket.  I walked through downtown and found the PD just before 5pm.  The lobby was still open and there were a couple of desk officers inside.  The lobby was beautiful, a huge open space with high ceilings and marble counters.  The officer with whom I spoke was very nice.  She explained that SAPD no longer gives patches to walk-ins, but she suggested that I speak with the shift supervisor.

The lobby is equipped with a sort of bat phone – you pick it up and it rings the shift supervisor’s office.  The corporal who answered told me the same thing, but then he asked me to wait a few minutes.  About five minutes later, he came into the lobby with patch in hand.  He  told me that he had an extra patch in his locker.

So, one patch down.  I’m excited to find out how many patches I can get my hands on.  I’ll keep you up to date as the patches pile up.

Until next time.


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