Irvine PD

After lunch today I went to Irvine Police Department to attempt another trade.  It wasn’t as big as Santa Ana, and the lobby didn’t have as much marble, but I was quite impressed with the department.  As soon as I walked in, I knew it was going to be a good experience.  All three of the desk officers were young, attractive women.  I spoke to one of the officers, who told me that I need to speak with a lieutenant.  She made a quick phone call and asked me to have a seat.

The lieutenant didn’t keep me waiting for very long.  He came out to the lobby and greeted me warmly.  I was surprised when he handed me two patches and a challenge coin.  I decided to give him a normal LPD patch and a coveted “subdued” OD-green SRT patch (the Special Response Team version of the PD patch).

Instead of saying goodbye and rushing back to work, the lieutenant asked me some questions about Lenoir PD.  He seemed genuinely interested in learning about the department from which his new patch came.  After I gave him a bit of information about Lenoir, he told me that Irvine PD has about 200 sworn officers and that their goal is to take every call they receive seriously.  He said that they respond to everything and have built a reputation for treating the citizens of Irvine well.

The lieutenant then offered me a tour, which I accepted.  I apologized profusely for being dressed like crap (I was at the beach earlier), he assured me that it was fine and began the tour.  I’ve learned over the years that a police department is often a reflection of the community that it serves.  Irvine PD is no exception; the building and the professional staff within are reflective of a well-educated and affluent city.

As we were leaving, the lieutenant showed me his office.  On the wall in front of his desk hangs a large shadow box with challenge coins from all around the country.  I was so appreciative of his hospitality that I offered to send him a LPD challenge coin.  He seemed pleased and told me that he would love to add LPD to his collection.

Until next time.


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