San Francisco PD

Well, my streak is over.  I found a police department that was neither friendly nor hospitable.  I went to the San Francisco PD’s Central Station, which is less than 100 yards from my sister’s apartment, and walked up to the window at the front entrance.  I thought that I would be in and out quickly because there was no line.  I was wrong.

Describing the waiting area at Central Station as institutional is generous.  It consists of a small open area (maybe 10′ x 5′) with a single large, dirty glass window facing the front office.  I walked up to the window and waited.  And waited.  And waited.

The ten to fifteen minute wait would have been tolerable were it not for the fact that a secretary and several uniformed patrol officers were milling about, occasionally glancing up at me and then going about their business.  Two officers strolled in and held what appeared to be a short personal conversation a few feet from the window, and then walked out without acknowledging me.

The officers ignoring me got my blood boiling, but I kept waiting.  I reached my limit shortly thereafter.  A woman in civilian clothes, who I assume was a secretary, walked in and out several times while I stood at the window.  The last time she walked in (before I gave up), she looked right at me and waved, then sat down and went back to work.

I simply couldn’t believe it.  I am confident that heads would roll at Lenoir PD (or almost any other NC department) if someone were treated that way.  I shudder to think what would happen if I had an actual emergency and went to Central Station to report it.  I hope, for the sake of the residents of this district, that my experience at the substation was not representative of the police services provided here.

I’ll try to stop by a different precinct before I leave for Korea on Saturday.  If I have a better experience elsewhere, I’ll update you.

Until next time.


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