Tustin PD

Immediately after my visit to Irvine PD earlier this week I went to Tustin PD.  Though it was not as nice as Irvine PD or Santa Ana PD, I was pleased to find that the officers with whom I spoke were hospitable.  Even the captain, who I mistakenly called “officer” (didn’t see his butter bars), was helpful.  The officer in charge of supplies was out of the office, so the captain was nice enough to track down a patch for me.

The woman who brought the patch out to me was the “CSI Supervisor”.  I failed to ask what CSI stood for, but I imagine she was responsible for either forensics or communications.  I left a Lenoir PD patch behind for Tustin PD’s collection, but she asked me for an extra one.  She told me that she is a patch collector and that she thought our patch was “beautiful”.  I was glad to leave an extra one for her personal collection.

As I was leaving, I noticed that Tustin PD has several chargers.  They were white over black, so they looked a lot like Boone PD’s chargers. This was surprising because I have not seen many chargers in California.  I am accustomed to seeing several makes and models of patrol cars in North Carolina, but the California PDs seem to use the Crown Vic almost exclusively.

Now you’re caught up with my patch trading.  I hope to get my hands on a San Francisco PD patch if I can make it to a different station somewhere in the city.  I have a lot to do today (since I’m leaving tomorrow), but it might be possible to make time.

Until next time.



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2 thoughts on “Tustin PD

  1. Zoe Love says:

    Hope you have a safe trip and I’ll be reading all your comments and places you go.

    Much love,

    Keeper of the Bronco !!!

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