Guest Post #1

Note: This post was written previously by my younger sister, Claire.  She wrote it over the course of the three days during which I stayed with her prior to leaving for Seoul.  This is my first chance to post it.  I’ll probably spend the rest of this week catching you up on what has happened so far.  I can’t wait to tell you about everything, but that will have to come a little later.  Enjoy!

The big day is almost here. Taft is going to board the long anticipated flight to Korea tomorrow. Because we have spent the last couple of nights out (with some fun stories), I thought that I would give Taft a break and write a guest post.

We started Thursday night at happy hour with a few of my work friends.  I was saying goodbye to them because I am also leaving a job and moving, but only about ten miles away.  Taft got to meet a few of the people I worked with, but we were not done with our night of drinking yet.  We wandered back to North Beach, my neighborhood, and decided to stop in wherever looked appealing.  Vesuvio was the winner. One of the older SF bars, Vesuvio was an iconic artist/hippie hangout for years.  The bartender (Dave) was great. Chatty, dry humor, an SF native. He wrote down a korean dish for Taft to try while his was there.  I was in and out of conversations between them, but did hear Dave’s idea for what he would call an asian restaurant in order to get more asian business – “Super Infinity Kitty Cat Lunchtime.”  Awesome.


Taft spotted a local guy in Vesuvio that he wanted to take a picture with. Patrick is a north beacher that I have seen around for years but had never met. Top hat, long gray hair, all black attire.  He spoke with a voice box (the kind you have to put up to your throat and push a button), and he was very nice and very willing to take a few pictures with us.  We offered to buy him a beer, and woke up the next morning realizing that we had never done so. Oops.

Patrick, Taft, and me

After a few drinks at Vesuvio, we ventured north on Columbus to Grant street.  Tope is a new bar that a friend of mine opened recently, and it is my go-to bar.  The bartender (Casey) reminds me of Taft, and I always seem to end up there.  Casey sometimes brings in his Great Pyrenees mix and lets her lay around the bar.


We hung out with Casey, had some more beer, and pet a giant dog for another hour or so.  Casey is a sailor and offered to take us sailing with him the next day.  Unfortunately, we were flakes.  Waking up with the hangovers that we did would not have been fun on a boat.

This post is being done over about twelve hours.  I just got back from taking Taft to the airport.  I wasn’t so affected by the whole situation until I took this picture.

This was Taft walking away. To go through security. To go to Korea. Woah.


Hit me like a ton of bricks.  Not so much sad as it was the shock of realizing he was going across the world for a year.  I am so excited to hear about his adventures abroad, and so glad I got to spend the last few days before his departure hanging out and catching up.  Taft – I know this will be quite an adventure, and I cant wait to hear about it all.  Miss you already and love you.  Safe travels!

The next post – will probably be from Korea.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post #1

  1. Detetiv says:

    Taft did you ever try that dish you were recommended?

    • wtl0715 says:

      I think you’re referring to Bi Bim Bop (비 빔 밥). I’ve had it a few times now. It’s not my favorite dish so far (that would be BBQ), but I like it a lot. Bi Bim Bop is like pizza – there are so many kinds that it’s tough to classify it as a single food.

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