Just F_____g Different

Time for a lighthearted post.  Now that my followership is approaching three dozen, I need to be careful not to be too negative.  I have to remember that my beautiful prose affects a huge audience now.

As I walked down the street yesterday, I was trying to put my finger on exactly what is so different about Korea (aside from lots of Koreans).  The answer should be obvious, but it’s not.  The cars, streets, buildings, and clothes are basically the same as in the US.  But somehow it feels like a different world.  It is a different world.

The first, most obvious difference, is the food.  Koreans try desperately to emulate western foods, but they are terrible at it.  When in doubt, they add sugar.  That is the answer to everything.  Fried potatoes are bathed in simple syrup.  There is no savory bread – it is all basically pound cake.  Even tomato sauce has a ton of sugar added.  It can be tricky because they are good at copying the way western food looks.  It’s a dirty trick that has snuck up on me more than once.

But it’s not just the food.  It’s something bigger than that.  Something else about Korea that is different than the US.  I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Suddenly it hit me.  I had a flashback to a trip I took to Charleston, SC a few years ago.  My friend Jackson and I were eating breakfast after a long night of barhopping.  He was asking the waitress lots of questions and I was losing patience – I was starving.  I lost my cool when he asked: “what’s the difference in a Bloody Mary and a Tequila Sunrise?”  Before the waitress could decide how to answer, I jumped in.  “Jackson, what’s the difference in a hippo and a lightpole?  They are just f_____g different!”

That’s how I feel about Korea.  It’s not better or worse than the states.  It’s just f_____g different.  Here are a few of examples:

This sign is outside of a restaurant on my block. Is the message here that the food is super spicy or that the #4 combo comes with a happy ending?

Yep – it’s McDelivery! And the weirdness doesn’t end there. They bring your McDonald’s food in metal containers, leave them with you, and then come back later to pick them up.

Ever had a milkshake in a bag? I have. It was great until I squeezed the bag too hard and got milkshake all over myself. We’re 3-0 on weird!

I found this in a convenience store in Jeonju. And yes, it’s exactly what it looks like.

More pictures to come later.

Until next time.


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5 thoughts on “Just F_____g Different

  1. Chris Branch says:

    Ahh the memories. I miss stopping at a street vendor and getting a piece of fried chicken, bathed in 100 year old motor oil and drinking Soju out of a glass that was cleaned with the vendors sweaty hand.
    At least you can get a chicken foot on a stick, in a PBC plastic container that has been packaged in some dirt hole in China. Send me one of those bag-o’-shakes!

  2. Modern Seoul says:

    McDonald’s delivery is amazing but at the same time terrible, we used to order it at one of my previous schools at least 2 twice a week (only the westerns, the Koreans thought it was unhealthy).
    The meat on a stick is nice and much nicer than the cheese in a tube.

    • wtl0715 says:

      My goal is to learn enough Korean to order from the McDonald’s and have it delivered within six months. Then I’ll do like you did and order it a lot.

  3. rl0080 says:

    not sure about that milkshake….

  4. Claire says:

    The first one just made me laugh out loud. Cant wait to see more pics

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