Dong Chil (동 칠)

I’m want to show you something.  Bare with me as this won’t take long.  First, hold your hands in front of you.  Perfect.  Next, hold your hands together (palm on palm) with your fingers interlaced.  You’re doing very well.  This next bit is the hard part, so pay attention.  Stick your index fingers and thumb out. It should look like you’re holding an imaginary gun.  You’re now ready to perform a Dong Chil (동 싵).  If you’re familiar with Korean culture, you may have heard this term.  If so, your heart probably just skipped a beat.  Dong Chil translates roughly to “poop needle.”  It is the Korean version of a Wet Willie, but it doesn’t go in your ear.

The reason I taught you about Dong Chil is because there was a rash of Dong Chils last night.  If I saw one, I saw ten.  I was on high alert after I watched my friend Stacy get one from our fellow teacher, Wendy.  Since we learned about Dong Chil at orientation, people have been surprising one another with it.  It only gets worse when we’re drinking.  Last night we were drinking.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering about our evening out.  Ever since Wednesday night, we have all been obsessed with a place called Go-Go Bar.  It’s a hole in the wall bar near Bangwoldon station in downtown Daegu.  Their claim to fame is that they sell drinks in a bag.  The bartender mixes super strong cocktails in industrial-strength Capri Sun bags.  There are only three or four stools at the bar, and it stays pretty busy, so most people order through a window that faces the sidewalk.  This can be pretty tricky since lots of people like to drive on the sidewalks downtown.  I’m amazed that nobody has been hit yet.

The bartender offered to snap a shot of us as we had our first drink.

I’m a bit fuzzy on the details of the night, not because I was drunk, but because we bar-hopped all night and went to so many different places.  One that stands out in my mind is a place called “Who’s Bob?”.  I don’t think we even went inside, but I noticed the sign every time we passed by.  I think it might be the best bar name I’ve ever heard (if you know a good bar name, I’d like to hear it – leave a comment).  We actually went to the bar next door, but I can’t remember the name (maybe someone who remembers can post it here).  There were a lot of military guys out and about because there is some big training exercise going on at Camp Walker.  At least a dozen were at the bar next to Who’s Bob?.  Most of them seemed pretty cool, and hanging out with them was a bit like being back at work for a few hours.

Our night ended with a cab ride from downtown to the main gate at Keimyung University, which is near my apartment.  I shared a cab with my friends Conor, Liz and Sally.  It might have been the scariest cab ride of my life.  The guy ran red lights, drove super fast, and swerved for no apparent reason repeatedly.  I think he was having a fun time freaking us out.  Fortunately, we got home safe.

I hate to end this one abruptly, but I have to meet my friend Conor at the subway soon.

Until next time.


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One thought on “Dong Chil (동 칠)

  1. pwtourism02 says:

    Nice post. This just make me want to go to Korea even more

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