I just returned to my office a few minutes ago and panicked.  I couldn’t find my backpack.  I always put it right next to my desk, so someone must have moved it.  I looked all over the office, but it was gone.

I sat down at my desk to consider whether I left it at home.  When I scooted my chair under the desk, I felt something with my foot.  There it was.  I knew for a fact that I didn’t leave it there.  So who has been messing with my bag?  More importantly, why does it look like someone stuffed a pillow inside it?  It was almost empty this morning, and now it’s busting at the seams.


That’s why!  It’s Dunkin’ Donuts.  Ms. Shin got them for me this morning.  She stuck them in the backpack while I was out of the office and hid it because it’s bad form to bring a gift for only one person in the office.  She didn’t want the other teachers to get upset.

She asked me to keep it quiet and wait until I was alone to eat them.  I checked the schedule, and both of my office-mates are in class, so I scarfed one (two) down.  It was amazing.  I think Korean donuts are better than American donuts.  In fact, most Korean desserts are better than American desserts because they don’t put as much sugar in them.  They’re not nearly as rich.  This is ironic, since the Koreans like to put sugar in and on everything else.

Before she left, Ms. Shin told me that she got me a gift because, “you are best office partner.”  I like her more every day.

Until next time.


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One thought on “Surprise!

  1. Lindsay says:

    That’s so awesome! What a great surprise! 🙂

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