Busy Weekend

As the title suggests, I had a busy weekend.  I didn’t do anything particularly productive, but I had a lot of fun.  My friends Mark and Kelsey, fellow EPIK teachers, came into town on the KTX (Korea Transport Express) Friday afternoon.  The KTX is a high-speed train that makes long-distance travel in Korea easy.  They made the 50-mile trip from Ulsan to Daegu in less time than it took me to ride the subway into downtown.

A small group of Daegu EPIK teachers met Mark and Kelsey at the KTX station.  As soon as they arrived, we headed out for dinner.  We started in a dive bar and restaurant on the East side of town.  The food was decent, and everything was cheap, so we had a great time.  During the meal, Wendy noticed that there were several groups of statues placed on shelves around the restaurant.  The display above our table was a borderline racist jazz-band.

After dinner, we headed downtown and joined the rest of our friends at the bars.  Though the huge orientation group from Jeonju has split up into several smaller sub-groups, we all wind up back together on the weekends.  There are too many EPIK teachers in Daegu for us all to keep in touch during the week, so it’s great to catch up on the weekend.

These were the first EPIK teachers we found when we got off the subway stop at Bangwoldon. Take a close look at the painting in the background. What does that look like to you? Yeah, that's what we thought.

We spent the next couple of hours bar hopping, never staying in one place for more than a few minutes.  As we wandered around downtown, my friends Hans and Rowell noticed a place called Frog Club.  It looked pretty popular with the Koreans, so we decided to go in.  After a short wait, we were allowed in the door.  What we found reminded me of a movie scene.

This was the biggest dance club I've ever seen. This is a photo of the main dance floor, but there were at least two others. The building was four stories tall, and the club went from the basement all the way to the roof.

We went to a few other bars and restaurants, but I didn’t get any decent pictures.  At the end of the night, we met up at a bar called Star Kebab.  The owner is a Turkish guy who did one thing (kebabs), and he did it well.  There are two items on the menu – lamb kebabs and chicken kebabs.  My lamb kebab was so good that I went back and got another.

Just looking at this picture makes me hungry.

By the time we finished eating, it was after 3am.  My friend Conor and I split a cab home.  He was so tired that he fell asleep on the way there.  I wasn’t much better – I was out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow.

On Saturday, we did it all over again.  I met with the same group downtown, where we got dinner and then hit the bars.  Most of us took it pretty easy Saturday night.  I spent most of the time with my Kiwi friend, Drew and my American friend Aubrey.  The three of us hopped from group to group, spending time with just about everybody from EPIK.

Drew and me at a bar called Commune's.

Aubrey sitting on a giant telephone. I have no idea where that was or what prompted us to get a picture.

I called it a (relatively) early night and went home around 1am.  I was so tired I had trouble staying awake in the cab.  I would have fallen asleep were it not for the fact that he spent the whole drive swerving around traffic and bicycles on the road.  It’s not easy to sleep when your head is banging against a window.

I have to get my stuff together for class, so I won’t be able to tell you about Sunday in this post.  That’s unfortunate, because Sunday was the most fun day of the weekend.  Instead of bar hopping, we went out and explored parts of the city that we had not seen before.  I’ll try to catch you up on the rest of the weekend soon.

Until next time.


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