Best HS Class Yet

I finally had a good high school class.  Some have been tolerable, most have been downright bad, but this one was great!  What’s the difference?  It was an all-girls class.  I had no idea how much easier teaching girls would be than teaching boys (or coed). Maybe I was just fortunate with my first girls class, but I sure hope not.  They sat quietly most of the class, participated when I asked questions, and actually tried.  That’s right – they tried!  Not to mention they’re all so cute because they’re ridiculously shy. It took three tries to get a picture of two of my students because they kept ducking around the corner as I counted to three.  Finally, I took the picture on two.

I’ll let you know if I luck up and get more good classes.  If you don’t hear anything from me, it means that Class 5 is a fluke.

Until next time.


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