My Bus Driver is a Dick

At first I wasn’t too happy about riding the bus with a bunch of kids, but it’s starting to get fun…because the bus driver is a total dick.  A week or two ago, he started a feud with the guy who directs traffic in the school parking lot.  This is a busy place because there are kids crossing the road, cars turning in, and HUGE buses performing tight U-turns in order to back into their parking spaces.

I’m not sure what their argument was about; all I know is that my bus driver yelled at the guy who directs traffic and things haven’t been the same since.  Around the middle of last week, the driver started to really screw with him.  If the traffic guy motioned for us to turn right into the parking lot, the driver went left and blocked everybody.  If he motioned left, the driver went right.

This morning, the traffic guy got wise.  It was obvious that the bus had an opening to turn right, so traffic guy motioned for the driver to turn left (hoping we would do the opposite).  This time, the driver turned followed instructions and turned left, almost causing an accident.  The bus beside us almost got hit by a car.  The driver of the other bus hopped out and started yelling at the traffic guy.  Bus driver-2, traffic guy-0.  The driver has never paid any attention to me, but today cracked a smiled and winked at me.  I think I like this guy.

One of the teachers told me that my bus driver is constantly getting in trouble.  He is currently on the principal’s bad side because he refuses to remove a bunch of stickers from the door of his bus.

It's difficult to see it in this picture, but one of the stickers is a demon woman in a bikini with a giant rose wrapped around her body. Super classy. This is the kind of thing I expect to see in a trailer park stuck to a 1988 Honda Civic.

I’m excited for the bus ride home.  I have a feeling this thing is just heating up.  I give my bus driver 10/1 odds in this fight – he has outmaneuvered the guy directing traffic twice now.  I’ll let you know if it gets even better.

Until next time.


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One thought on “My Bus Driver is a Dick

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