Writing the last post reminded me of something important that happened today.  I had a serious breakthrough with my coteacher.  He has been working hard to improve his English, and I got a promising sign this morning.

For the past few weeks, Mr. Kim has struggled with the use of adverbs.  Those dealing with time have been exceptionally difficult.  He will say things like, “day after this day” and, “before in night.”  He also struggles with “because.”  He understands what it means, but he simply cannot remember the word when he wants to use it.  I’ve tried to correct him as often as possible, but I was afraid it was all going in one ear and out the other.

As it turns out, I was wrong.  When I walked into the office this morning, he said, “So sleepy because am so much drunken last night.”  I was so proud I almost cried.  He’s learning!

Until next time.


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