Rough Neighborhood

My neighborhood isn’t particularly nice, but I felt safe….until yesterday.  I discovered that there is a biker gang on my block.  (I know, I was shocked too!)

I was walking home from school when I heard a deep rolling down the street behind me.  I turned around and, to my surprise, there was a gang of what looked like eight Korean transvestites riding mopeds down my street.  After they passed, I saw them park down the street from my apartment.  I followed them and snapped a picture when they went inside.

Fortunately, it was just a bunch of fashion-forward young men.  That’s the thing about Korea – there is no real limit when it comes to fashion.  There are guys with lipstick, bleach-blonde hair, earrings, and tight jeans strolling down the street with their attractive girlfriends.  It’s common to see a man helping his girlfriend apply makeup in the subway or on the street.  The image of a Korean man is much different from that of an American man.

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Rough Neighborhood

  1. Chef says:

    That was funny.

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