A New Enemy

The bus driver must have made nice with the guy who directs traffic.  I saw them talking yesterday and it sounded like a civil conversation.  This morning, my driver followed instructions, waiting until directed before turning into the school lot.  I was worried that the bus rides might get boring again.

There was no need to worry.  Within 24 hours of burying the hatchet with the traffic guy, he fired up a new feud.  This time it was with another bus driver.  I’m pretty sure the other driver parked in our space.  I don’t think the buses have assigned spaces, but we tend to park in the same spot every day.

I was flattered when the bus driver consulted me before starting this fight.  At least, I think he did.  When the other bus parked in our spot, he looked at me and said: “아이고!” (aigoo! – means “Geez!”).  I nodded, as if I understood and shared his pain.  He told me: “gldkf weh4r dlksj fo#pkjs dif” (I have no idea what he said, but he was pissed).  He put on the parking brake in the middle of the parking lot, got out, and started yelling at the other bus driver.

The other bus driver didn’t seem to care.  He simply wasn’t interested in having an argument in the middle of the parking lot.  So, no big fireworks this time, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that somebody else steps out of line.  I guarantee you my bus driver will be the first let them know it.

Until next time.


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