Herro Teechah

If I hear “herro teechah” (hello teacher) one more time today, I might jump off the building.  My response is often the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.  Some of the girls will run away laughing when I say “good morning.”  A few minutes ago in the hall, a group of kids absolutely lost their minds when I said, “hi.”  I still haven’t figured out whether they’re making fun of me right under my nose (like in Mark’s post) or if it’s a cultural difference that I don’t understand.

I’m starting to like some of these kids, which is great, but I am getting sick of hearing them say the same three phrases over and over again.

“Herro teechah”

“Fine sank you and you?”

“Goo-bye teechah”

Unless you have Alzheimer’s, you can only meet a person once…yet somehow I’ve heard “nice to meet you” from the same kids eleven times now.  I have a feeling they’ll still be meeting me next semester.

As I’m writing this, there is a group of girls standing in the hallway outside of my office working up the courage to come in and say “herro” to me.  For two or three minutes, they’ve been pushing each other toward the door, but nobody is willing to commit.

….and I was wrong.  Here they come.

Until next time.


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