When it Gets Busy

When it gets busy in Daegu, it gets really busy.  The peak seems to be around 6:30 PM.  I tend to avoid public transportation around that time, but occasionally I don’t have a choice.  This may not be particularly odd for someone who grew up in a big city, but it was a shock to me.  The fact that Koreans are not as concerned about personal space as Americans made it even more weird for me to be crammed into a subway train that’s packed like a clown car.

This picture doesn't do the crowd justice. It was more packed before they realized there was an American in the corner. They gave me some extra space. I guess the stereotype that Americans always carry guns is useful sometimes.

I am constantly amazed by the number of people who are willing to wait in a HUGE line to take the escalator when there is an empty staircase right beside it. People wait for a long time to pack themselves in like sardines.

Until next time.


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