Doctor’s Visit

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for a few days.  I was worried that I might have strep throat, but the symptoms didn’t seem quite right.  My throat is swollen and sore with big white spots on my tonsils.

I finally decided to go to the doctor today.  Mr. Kim and I paid a visit to Jungok Internal Medicine in Dasil (west Daegu).  It was a weird experience, but in a good way.  We didn’t make an appointment – just walked in.  It was a small office with one couch in the waiting area and one exam room.  There were two nurses and one doctor working.  There was also a blood-pressure machine.  Mr. Kim didn’t miss a beat – he checked his blood pressure as soon as I was checked in.


I handed them my ID and sat down on the couch.  I settled in for a long wait, but was surprised less than five minutes later when the doctor came to the waiting room and told me that he was ready.  We walked into the exam room and got down to business.  He asked me a few questions.  His English wasn’t very fluent, but he did a pretty good job of communicating.  He also had a very gentle disposition, made me comfortable from the beginning.

The doctor used a camera/scope to snap a few pictures of the inside of my throat.  I was surprised – my throat wasn’t as swollen as last night and most of the white spots have disappeared from my tonsils.  The doctor asked if I wanted him to prescribe meds, but I told him that I wasn’t interested.  Since my body seems to be winning, I think I should just let it work.

After checking out my throat and diagnosing me with tonsillitis, he told me to take my shirt off so that he could listen to my heart and lungs.  As I pulled my undershirt off, Mr. Kim said, “oh wow!”  Apparently he’s never seen chest hair before. He stared at me the entire time my shirt was off.  The doctor became frustrated with me because I couldn’t stop laughing.

When it came time to pay, I was pretty nervous.  The nurse told me that my bill was too small to use my insurance plan.  When she finally told me the price, I was dumbfounded.  There’s no way a doctor’s visit could cost $3.50.

The whole ordeal took less than 30 minutes.  No appointment, no huge bill, no hassle.  That’s how a trip to the doctor should work.

Until next time.


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