Awesome Engerish Shirt

After my epic victory at the furniture store, Liz and I decided to keep walking.  I needed to let all that testosterone and awesomeness settle before I hurt somebody else (side note: Few things get my juices flowing like beating old people in contests of strength).

We walked for another block or two before spotting an open-air market that lined a side street.  We turned in and started exploring.  It was pretty awesome – we found a little bit of everything.  There were bakeries, butcher shops, clothing stores, furniture shops, and more.  One of the clothing stores had several racks of women’s shirts displayed on the sidewalk in front of the store.  The first one I read caught my eye.

"Always Smile! You Looks Very Happy. How Are You Today? Fighting"

I don’t think this one requires any explanation.  Can’t beat that.  Fighting!

Until next time.


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