Farm Tour

I should begin by apologizing for the lack of posts recently.  I was sure that the school couldn’t add any more work to my schedule, or make my current schedule any more difficult.  I was wrong on both counts.

Anyway, this post is about my weekend.  It was great.  The Daegu Office of Education took the local EPIK teachers on a tour of some historical sites and museums around the city.  It was pretty interesting.  I had a great time hanging out with all of the teachers outside of clubs and bars.

They lined up a full schedule for us.  The first stop was a museum of Korean medicine.  Most of the displays were in Korean, so we had to make educated guesses about what they were telling us.  Right when I thought it the stop was going to be wasted on us, they took us into a room where we got a hot foot bath.  I felt a little weird at first, but I got over it as soon as the foot massager started to bubble.

The next stop was the Daegu Museum of Modern History, where we learned a lot about the last 200 years of the city’s history.  It was interesting and I learned that Daegu is a pretty important city in Korea’s history.  People have lived here for thousands of years.  It was the city’s capital twice, once a long time ago and again in the early 1900s.

We went to a place called Herb Hillz for lunch.  It was an interesting (weird) amusement park on the side of a mountain.  We ate lunch at a restaurant in the middle of the park called “Korean Restaurant.”  Surprisingly, the food was pretty good.  After lunch, we had a few minutes to mill about.  We found a few odd things, like some sort of children’s game machine that looked like a bare ass (seriously).  I think you hit the ass with a mallet (yeah…seriously).  Before leaving the park we made candles in the crafts area.  Mine was spectacular.

From Herb Hillz, we drove back into town.  We spent an hour at the Daegu Tour Expo.  Like any great expo, this one had a dog, an airplane, and super creepy flight attendant mascots.  As the name suggests, the theme was tourism, but they were pretty lenient in terms of enforcing the theme.  In one of the booths was a dog with which you could take a picture.  There was another booth where you could play blackjack (for free).  My friend Gemma won so many times in a row that the dealer ran out of chips.

*Side note: Koreans like to dye their dogs’ hair.  The dog at the fair was a white dog that was dyed black.  One of the EPIK people spotted a white dog with orange ears and tail.  I think dying a dog’s hair is brave – if it shakes mid-color, you’re liable to end up polka-dotted.

We ended the day at a rice and tomato farm.  As soon as we arrived, we were taken into a building where two old women showed us how to hammer big piles of rice into chewy rice cakes.  And I mean hammer – with large wooden clown-hammers.  We took turns hammering the rice until it was time to roll them in peanut-butter-flavored dust.  When they were thoroughly dusted, the rice cakes were cut up and given to us to eat.  They were terrible.

The tomato picking was a blast.  I don’t care much for raw tomatoes, but I had a fun time picking them.  I took my time and found some beautiful cherry tomatoes.  They looked so good I just had to eat one.  I still don’t like tomatoes.

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We ended up back at the Office of Education just in time to go out for a group dinner.  It was a good day and a great trip.  I look forward to the next EPIK outing.

Until next time.


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  1. Drew pouniu says:

    Great photos mate, I wanna borrow some 🙂

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