Good Advice

I can always count on my dad for good advice.  We were talking about my post yesterday – the one about freaking out on my kids.  He explained to me why it worked so well, and how I can build on this window of opportunity.  He said that the best course of action any time you’re backed into a corner – be it a classroom or a bar fight – is to convince the other guys that you are truly, seriously, bat-shit crazy.

What’s this guy willing to do?  Bite my finger off?  Lick my forehead?  Hit me with a brick?  This seems like a bad idea….I shouldn’t mess with him.

You want a piece?

He suggested that, in order to build on my new reputation, I should pull my shoe off and break something.  Maybe whip it at something in the back of the room, or use it to break off the corner of a desk.  I could even do what my friend Chris did recently – take my belt off and hit things with it when kids won’t get quiet and give kids Wet Willies when they sleep.  Seems to work well for him.  So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m going to take off my clothes and stick my fingers in kids’ ears.

If you’ve got any good ideas, I’d love to hear them.  Leave a comment – let me know how to freak them out.

Until next time.


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