Korean Music is Weird

Eyeliner - check. Marching band hat - check. Bleached hair - check, Oxygen mask - check. Yep, it's weird.

I am doing a class about music for my high school kids this week.  I’m basically spending 5% of the class yelling at them, 75% of the class teaching them the definition of “genre”, and the rest of the class playing music for them.  I am playing a few of my favorite songs, a couple of their favorite songs, and then I let them choose the last one.  They keep choosing this video:

These borderline transvestites make Lady GaGa look like June Cleaver.  But they like it – so I play it.  My favorite songs are a different story.  They absolutely abhor my current favorite song:

I’m guessing they might like it more if Ray wore a jumpsuit made out of Saran Wrap and glitter, dyed his hair purple, and got a Hello Kitty tattoo.

Until next time.


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9 thoughts on “Korean Music is Weird

  1. Claire says:

    Korean music IS weird. They do up that dude pretty sweet tho. Ray IS amazing. Funny to listen to the Ray video and see the still of the korean video above it.

    • wtl0715 says:

      Yeah, the Ray video is awesome. His voice is just incredible.

      The Korean music, on the other hand, is not incredible. I want to like it, but I can’t. It seems like there’s no middle ground between traditional opera and fruity glitter-covered boys prancing around singing love songs. It’s like David Bowie’s heaven.

  2. Detetiv says:

    BigBang is like Biber over there…. that & SNE11 or SHINee. I can’t really stand BigBang besides maybe Lollipop.

    • wtl0715 says:

      Yeah, the kids go nuts at the mere mention of SHINee. They keep getting on my case because I pronounce it like it’s spelled, but they say “Shine-ee”.

      • Detetiv says:

        SHINee has a new album out I think if memory serves me, that and BIGBANG. Surprised they’re still around with all the things G.Dragon has gotten into trouble for.

      • wtl0715 says:

        I’ll get the new album right after school. Can’t wait to hear it. 😉

      • Detetiv says:

        I think SHINee’s was just a live concert album. I never understand why people like BIGBANG G.Dragon has gotten so much trouble smoking pot among other things.

  3. wtl333 says:

    Fantastic Baby!

    I think I get it. “We scary gangsta boyee” but with a David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust kind of twist? Is that right??? kittens and puppies in space suites would have been a cool addition to the video.

    In an effort to perpetuate your unpredictable and possibly frightening – dangerous side, I would have pitched a little Marilyn Manson at em…. pull up the “Dope Show” video…. close your eyes and nod your head slowly for 2 minutes…… “wha he doing?”

    Also, I’ve been wearing out Ray LaMontagnes “Beg Steal or Borrow” on Spotify…….

    • wtl0715 says:

      That’s true, it’s definitely a Ziggy Stardust sort of thing. I watched that video 12 times this week – once with each class – and I could never wrap my head around it.

      I think you’re right. I totally missed an opportunity to really drive home the idea that I might just snap at any moment. Dope Show would definitely have done the trick.

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