Gag Story?

If I were going to open a business with a Korean name, I would find a Korean person and make sure that I didn’t get it wrong or choose a horrible name.  I’d hate to put a sign on the front of my store that was anything like this:

I was wandering around Bangwoldon subway station, wasting time with some friends, when we saw this.  I had to do a double-take.  I was sure that I’d read it wrong.  Nope – it says “Gag Story.”  I wish I could think of a joke worthy of this name, but I can’t.

Until next time.


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8 thoughts on “Gag Story?

  1. Bird says:

    What do they sell in there? Things that make you throw up?

    • wtl0715 says:

      Thanks to my near-pathalogical fear of throwing up, I didn’t get near the store. It looks like a normal convenience store, but maybe they have Syrup of Ipecac and related stuff on the shelves.

      • Bird says:

        lol..I would have been the same way. But! I would have paid someone else to check it out for me.. 🙂 I’m terribly curious!

  2. I love konglish. This isn’t as bad as the faux-Nike “Just Do Me” shirts that were popular in the nineties. I was horrified when I would see a grandmother walking with a toddler both wearing the shirt in Lotte World.

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