Doctor – Round 2

I just got back from the doctor for the second time in two weeks.  Nothing major – just can’t shake this cold and thought that it might finally be time to consider antibiotics.  Fortunately, the doctor told me that antibiotics are not necessary.  He said that I just need to tough it out for a few more days.  He also told me to take some sort of medicine, but I couldn’t understand what he told me to take.  I did understand that he said the medicine would only treat the symptoms, so I doubt there’s any danger in skipping it.

A little while after I got back to my apartment, Mr. Kim called me.  He just wanted to make sure that I was OK and check up on me.  As usual, this was ridiculously complicated:

Mr. Kim: What say doctor?
Me: He said I’m fine.  That I need to wait five more days.
Mr. Kim: Good, it not serious?
Me: Nope, nothing serious.  Thanks for checking on me.
Mr. Kim: You wercome (welcome).  You need dress heavy.
Me: I don’t understand.
Mr. Kim: You need wear thick clothes.  Dress warm – like jacket or coat.  Weather cold.
*Note: It is currently 66 degrees outside.  It was over 75 at my school today. 
Me: ….ok – I’ll dress warmer tomorrow.
*Note:  That was a lie.
Mr. Kim: I call doctor.  You need take peer.
Me: What kind of pills?
Mr. Kim: Yes.
Me: No, that was a question.  What….kind…..of…..pills?
Mr. Kim: Oh yes.
Me: Ok.  I’ll take some pills.
*Note: That was a lie.

Until next time.


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