Bad Feeling

Apparently sometime in the past few days I agreed to go on a trip next month.  This could have happened during just about any conversation with my coteacher.  I try not to do the “uh huh” game with him, but occasionally I don’t have a choice.

You may be asking, “But wait.  If you didn’t realize that you were agreeing to a trip, how did you find out?”

Good question.

Vice Principal: Wirriam, very excite that you go trip.
Me: Oh yeah, what trip?
VP: Yes.  Very excite.
Me: Where is the trip?
VP: Yes, it very fun.
Me: Ok…  When is it?
VP: The beach.
Me: OK.
VP: Have you prepare pop song yet?
Me: I don’t understand.  Prepare a pop song?
VP: Yes.  It is great!  See you.

So…it sounds like I may be doing some singing on a beach trip.  I imagine this trip will rear its ugly head right about the time I forget that I had this conversation.

Until next time.


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