Field Day

Today is field day.  The teachers have been trying to tell me about it all week, but I didn’t understand what they were saying.  All I could gather was that something other than classes is happening outside and that there is a really fast kid in one of my classes.  I didn’t realize what that had to do with the price of tea in China at the time.  I understood when I got to school this morning and saw the P.E. coach chalking the field for various sprinting competitions.

My two office-mates were in and out of the office all morning.  I didn’t realize until after 11am that they were going outside to watch the kids compete.  Hell, I didn’t realize that it had even begun yet.  I only figured it out when I looked out the window on the way to the restroom.

I saw some kids sitting on top of an awning (a big, concrete awning) that hangs just below a second floor window.  I climbed out with them just in time to see a Tae Kwon Do presentation.  The kids were surprisingly good.  A few of them were downright amazing.  Thank God they think I could take them.  If they ever figure out that I can’t – I’m in trouble.

After the Tae Kwon Do demonstration, a bunch of girls ran onto the field.  They all wore the same outfit – some sort of traditional dress (I assume).  Music started playing once they were in formation.  All I could think about was the fact that they looked like Amish cheerleaders – formal dress with pop music playing.

As soon as the music started, a bunch of kids started yelling and running onto the field.  I was totally confused, until I realized that they wanted to join in the dance.  There must have been sixty kids dancing.  And then one of my fellow teachers, Mun, ran out and started dancing.  I thought it was pretty awesome.
*Note: Please ignore the middle of the video (~1:10).  I would edit it out, but I have no editing software at school. 

It’s still going on, so I’m going to head back out and see what other cool stuff the students are doing.  I’ll post more pictures if there’s anything post-worthy.

Until next time.


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