Corner Bar

It is exciting to live in a neighborhood with a corner bar.  In NC, I was at least 150 miles south of the nearest city with corner bars.  Now, I have several to choose from.  I spent my first couple of months in Daegu test driving the bars in my neighborhood, but nothing felt quite right.  Recently, a place called Sydney Street Pub jumped to the top of my list.

A few weeks ago, on Seth’s birthday, a group of EPIK teachers decided to swing by Sydney St before heading downtown.  We were all surprised by how friendly and welcoming the owners, Mark and Tina, were.  On short notice, they set aside a large table for us and made a last-minute trip to the market for steaks and snack food.  They even replaced Linda’s stake when she lost it.  Seriously…she lost a whole steak.

This is the outdoor Beer Garden. It’s a covered patio that’s perfect for groups to get away from the noise inside and spread out.

We spent several hours milling around, meeting new people.  Most of us would have stayed longer, but we had to leave in time to catch the last subway downtown.  By the time we left, I knew that I had found my new neighborhood bar.

Sydney St is different from the other bars in the neighborhood for several reasons.  The first is that it is owned and operated by a Australian (Mark) and a Korean (Tina).  They are able to cater to the western and Korean crowds, which makes for an interesting mix of patrons.  The husband-and-wife team intended for Sydney St to be more than a neighborhood bar.  They set out to create a fun and relaxing environment for cultural exchange, as well.

Every other Saturday, Sydney St hosts an “English Party.”  English parties afford Koreans and westerners an opportunity to come together for a meet and greet (with beer).  I had to miss the last party, but I will be in town for this week’s event.  I am especially excited about seeing my friend Liz (USA) helping behind the bar in exchange for extra drinks.

If you’re in Daegu and want to check it out, take a look at their Facebook site.  It’s a short walk from Keimyung Station on the green line.  Less than 20 minutes from Banwoldang.

Until next time.


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