Change of Pace

Things are speeding up lately.  I find myself more and more busy, which is a good thing.  Unfortunately, it has taken my focus away from this blog a bit.  But don’t worry, I’ll keep posting (sorry if I scared you).  Though the frequency of posts may decline, I’ll still talk to you often.

When I arrived in Daegu, I was busy, but there was plenty of downtime during which I was fairly bored.  Now I find myself making plans days and weeks in advance.  It is becoming difficult to keep my social schedule in order (it’s not as fancy as it sounds).  In fact, I’m in the process of deciding where to spend my summer vacation.  I will have about two weeks to travel anywhere in Asia.  The number one contender at the moment is the Philippines with a few of the guys.  It’s hard to turn down a chance to visit a beautiful, relatively inexpensive place with some great friends.

The daily pace at school seems to be intensifying, too.  As I settle in and become more comfortable in my current working situation, the school is more and more willing to add to my proverbial plate.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – I think it means that they trust me.  Just last week, the principal talked to me (through another teacher) at dinner and told me that I am the best foreign teacher that they have ever had.  That was pretty flattering coming from a serious guy who I assumed didn’t like me.  Maybe he was just avoiding me so that he wouldn’t feel compelled to speak English.

I would love to stay and chat, but I have to get moving.  After the last exam today (11am), I have to join my colleagues on a retreat/teacher conference.  I’m not quite sure where we’re going, or what we’re doing when we get there, but I know that there will be lots of beer.  I’m not sure how I feel about playing drinking games on a Monday with a bunch of colleagues…but I’m sure any reservations will pass after the first few drinks.

Until next time.


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