A Few Gems

I came across a few great signs this weekend.  Unlike in Seoul, I remembered to snap pictures this time.

The first is a new burger stand that showed up in my local subway station last week.  It was literally constructed overnight, which was impressive.  Unfortunately, the signage isn’t quite as impressive.

This half of the stand isn’t too bad. Just a normal burger stand…except that they apparently only sell hot dogs. But that’s neither here nor there.

Here’s the interesting part. I wasn’t worried about anything, until I read the sign. Should I be worried? What the hell is in those hot dogs?  And who the hell are they quoting?

I found another great sign at Sydney Street Pub, one of my favorite bars in town.  I was a bit surprised that I found such a glaring typo on a big sign in an English-speaking joint.  I have to assume that the typo was not made by the Australian owner.

This guy was stuck to my door sometime over the weekend.

Really? I mean…really?

There are typos all over town, which is to be expected here, but I noticed more than normal this past weekend.  With such a large native English-speaking population in Daegu, I am constantly amazed by how few businesses take the time to edit their advertisements.

Until next time.


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One thought on “A Few Gems

  1. Robert says:

    Who makes a “handmade hot dog?” Also, burrito is spanish

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