In Case You Were Wondering

Yes, they still think I’m a moron.  I think it’s getting worse.  I can’t wrap my head around it – I guess they are not ever going to get past my “racial handicap.”  I should explain.

For the past week, Mr. Kim and Ms. Shin have been telling me that I will visit Dalseong High School on June 5th for an open class.  At least twice a day, they bust out the calendar and point to June 5th.  They say “you go Dalseong High School to class open.”  At first, I would say, “OK, I will go to Dalseong High School for an open class.  I will go on June 5.  I understand.”  After a few more days of this, I decided to have some fun with it.  “Which school do I go to on July 13th?”  or “Why am I going to an open class at Daeshil Elementary School on February 11th?”

Of course, they never understood the sarcasm.  They just kept correcting me until one of us had to leave for class.  This is no longer about making a point – it’s about trying to squeeze a little fun out of the hell  that is my work day.

They really stepped up their game today.  I came as close as I’ve ever come to flipping out on them.  It all started when Mr. Kim pulled a calendar out of his drawer (again) and began to explain that I will be attending an open class at Dalseong High School tomorrow.  I spared him the jokes and said “OK, I understand.”  I went directly to my computer and searched for the school on Google Maps.  I couldn’t find it by searching in English, so I tried Korean.  And there it was.

I was a bit worried that I might have made a mistake since my Korean spelling is pretty weak, so I asked Mr. Kim to confirm that the school on the map was correct.  He came over, looked at it, and said “Oh yes.  That is school for tomorrow.  You will go there for open class.  That is Dalseong High School.”  (I KNOW THAT, I JUST LOOKED IT UP! )

He just couldn’t leave well enough alone.  He decided to explain to me how I should get from the subway station to the school.  This wouldn’t have been so insulting were it not for the fact that the subway stop literally touches the school property on the map.  I told him, “I’ll just get out at Exit 3.  I think I can find it.”

Mr. Kim:  Yes, Exit 3.  Good job.  When leave Exit 3, just go here (pointing at the school).  This is school.
Me:  Yes.  I remember…from ten seconds ago.
Mr. Kim:  If want, you take Exit 1 or 2.  Maybe Exit 4 also.  Do not take other exit, you will lost.
Me:  You seriously think that I would get lost if I took exit 5?
Mr. Kim: Yes, no take Exit 5.  You can take Exit 1, or Exit 2, or Exit 3, or Exit 4.
Me:  OK, I want you to make me a promise.  If I get lost between the station and the school, which is about twenty feet, I want you to kill me.  I should not be allowed to procreate if I get lost.  This doesn’t even involve crossing the street.
Mr. Kim:  No, no.  It be ok.  You call me if lost.
Me:  ……OK.
Mr. Kim:  Do you remember how to subway?  Not forget transportation card.
Me:  I’m done. 

I understand that they are trying to help me and that this is borne of genuine concern…but it’s getting old nonetheless.  I swear I’m going to lose it.  Vacation can’t get here soon enough.

Until next time.


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12 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. Patrick Moser says:

    Just remember you must go to Dalseong High School on June 5th for an open class.

    • wtl0715 says:

      Haha, I’ll do my best to remember. I just need help getting to the school from the subway.

      • Fran Spear says:

        And don’t take exit 5, and call him if you get lost!!! I suggest you take exit 5, get lost, go have tea somewhere, call him and when he can’t find you (because you will be acting like an American, moving around quite abit!!!), he’ll get lost too and nobody will go to class that day!!!
        A Concerned Patriot in California!!!

      • wtl0715 says:

        Fran, you’re right. I should stop trying to make them think I’m not an idiot – just take advantage of their opinion. Can’t get mad at a moron if he accidentally gets lost and accidentally spends the day doing other stuff that’s a lot more fun than school, can you? Good thinking!

  2. Chris says:

    Haha!!! Take exit 3 then grab a taxi! More efficient!

  3. love0080 says:

    Hahahaha. This just made me laugh out loud

  4. Sean B says:

    hahah that is pretty damn rough Taft…I get some of the same shit a little but no where near to that degree. Guess the closest thing is this restaurant I go to with Barry and the owners know us since we’ve been there at least 10 times…and we have always ordered the same thing. This one dish and the other is a spicy chicken dish and they know we always get it. But they still feel that they need to inform us that it’s very spicy and see if its ok for us….Koreans ( this at least is more comical than frustrating.)

    • wtl0715 says:

      I don’t think it would have been as frustrating if I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Once in a blue moon, they will treat me like an idiot on a bad day and I’ll get all torqued up over it. I know what you mean about the spicy food thing – it always makes me laugh now.

  5. Bill Love says:

    I’ll call you on Tuesday. Do you know where you’ll be?

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