New Friends

I spent so much time living in a small town that it’s easy to forget that I live in a big city now.  Back in the states, if I was bored, I was out of luck.  Now good way to make new friends without taking up a new hobby…like smoking crack.  I didn’t go on a single date in almost two years.  The female population within twenty miles of my old apartment collectively had more tattoos than teeth.

I realized last week that I was falling into the same slump here.  Although I am surrounded by thousands of twenty-somethings who attend the university across the street, I have only met one or two, thanks primarily to the language and culture barriers.  Last week, after a few days of sitting around my apartment with nothing to do, I decided to snap out of it and find ways to meet new people.

I called up the one student I know from the university and we decided to meet up on Friday night.  He took me out to a nearby neighborhood called East Gate, where I met TONS of new Korean friends who speak (at least some) English.

Some of my new Korean friends…and Patrick.

While we were bar-hopping, one of the guys downloaded a new app onto my phone that allows you to search for people by location.  Since then I’ve started talking to a lot of people I never would have met otherwise.  The best so far is a local police officer who is my age.  She is putting herself through grad school working as a cop, just like I did.

Saturday night, I called a teacher I met recently and asked her out for drinks.  After chatting for a couple of hours, I found out that she is not just a teacher – she is also a professional tennis player.  Though she is no longer a full-time tennis player, I realized that this could never happen back home.

Though I’m sure I’ll find myself in a slump now and again, it’s great to know that I live in place with and endless supply of interesting people.  Although one could argue that there is also a ton of interesting people back in western NC, the difference is that these people are much less likely to stab me.

Until next time.


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3 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. Patrick Moser says:

    I told you not to put my damn picture on the internets.

  2. Debbie Teague says:

    The sad thing is Taft, is that I still live here and HAVE to agree with you on the tattoes!!

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