It’s Official…

I have a new bus driver.  I’ve kept my fingers crossed for the past few weeks, hoping that the new bus driver is only a temporary replacement for my old friend.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out these posts:  My Bus Driver is a Dick, The School Bus, and Bus Door Photo.

I came to the conclusion yesterday that the replacement is, in fact, my new driver.  When I got on the bus yesterday, I noticed a shiny new “6” on the door of the bus.  I think this is a pretty clear indication that the old driver of bus six finally got canned.

Want to know the worst part?  He’s nice.  Every day, he smiles and says hello.  He waits for me to get all the way into the bus before he starts driving away.  He always closes the door (which is right next to my seat) before flooring it.  He never yells at the kids or other drivers.  This guy is boring.  I need some action!

I will miss the random screaming matches with other drivers, the random screaming matches with other cars that can’t hear him, the sometimes random screaming matches with kids on the bus, and absolute unwillingness to acknowledge my presence unless he needs someone to validate his anger.  I’ll miss the totally tasteless stickers of bikini-wearing big-boobed amazons plastered all over the door.  But most of all I’ll miss the excitement of knowing that, at any moment, he could totally lose his shit on some poor unsuspecting person for no apparent reason.  He might be a dick, but it was always interesting.


RIP old bus driver.

Until next time.


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