It Finally Happened

I ran out of things to write about this morning.  Writer’s block.  Frankly, I think that cranking out 200 posts (at least a quarter of them quality posts) is pretty impressive.  Most people get through about ten before they give up.  So I want to keep this thing rolling.  But what the hell do I write about?

I guess I’ll start with an update on my search for new friends.  It has taken me in some weird directions.  As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my American friends downloaded an app onto my phone recently.  This app is a social network that allows you to search for people by location, instead of social connections.  I was a bit weary of it at first, because it felt a little too much like the whole thing was designed to help creepy losers troll for sex.  But what the hell, you only live once.  I gave it a shot.

I jumped in head-first.  Because almost all of the people around me don’t speak English, I decided to take the shotgun approach.  I sent messages to all of the non-weirdo-looking people within a few miles of me.  As I expected, I didn’t get many responses immediately.  But a day or two later, some replies started rolling in.  To my utter surprise, most were nice people who were actually interested in making a friend.

It’s been about a week now, and I’ve kept up with three of the people.  They are all professional women (employed individuals, not prostitutes) who live in Daegu.  I really hit it off with two of them.  One is a local police officer and the other is a professional musician who travels around the world playing with a classical music trio.  The police officer is currently working her way through grad school while working full-time – just like I did.  What an amazing coincidence.

After a few days, I asked both of them if they would like to meet in person – maybe grab a drink.  They both said yes!  Suddenly I’ve got game!  I was double excited because they are both very cute.  I didn’t have this kind of luck in the last few years in North Carolina.

Then it happened…  I received this message from one of the women: “I am excited to meet with you!  I told my husband about you, and he wants to meet you too.”  After taking that one in, I decided to make sure I’m not making the same mistake twice.  I asked the police officer if she was married.  “Yes.”  Damnit!

I should know by now that my luck would turn at the least opportune moment, but I didn’t see this one coming.  I think Clark Griswold put it best:  “If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am right now.”

Although I got my hopes up for nothing, all is not lost.  On the bright side, I have two new friends with whom I have already connected.  On top of that, they are both Koreans who want to improve their English and have taken a serious interest in helping me learn Korean.  Maybe they will even help me network with other English-speaking Koreans in the area.  So, all is not lost – even if I managed to step on my nuts there.

Until next time.


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One thought on “It Finally Happened

  1. Bird says:

    I tried on-line chatting one evening, just to because I felt like like having a conversation and within seconds, I had some of the dirtiest things pop up on my screen. I’ll never do that again. What is up with people these days???

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