Bus Update

My old bus driver is back and I’m really confused.  This won’t mean much to those who haven’t read my previous posts about my old bus driver.  But don’t worry, you can catch up quickly.  Take a look at these posts:

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Now that you’re caught up, I’ll get on with it.  As you know, my bus driver was replaced a few weeks ago.  The new guy was polite, patient and he smiled at me every day.  Translation – he was super boring compared to the old driver.  The new guy drove a different bus, but the new bus was quickly assigned the same number (Bus 6).

Naturally, I assumed that the old guy had been fired.  Given is complete lack of personality, his quick temper and his willingness to pick a fight over just about anything, it seemed inevitable that he would get canned.  But, to my immense surprise, the bus showed up last week with the old driver at the helm.  What the hell?

It was as if he never left.  He avoided eye contact, pushed the button to close the door before I was all the way in and began yelling at drivers before we even merged into traffic.  It was wonderful!  The ride seems much shorter when I’m holding onto the side of my seat, trying not to fall in the floor as the driver weaves back and forth in traffic.  Now that I know a few Korean curse words, it’s fun to listen closely to his rants and try to figure out just how much he hates other drivers.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that, although the bus driver changed, the bus didn’t.  The old bus driver was driving the other guy’s bus (the new one that was recently numbered).  After a few days, I realized that the new bus was slowly beginning to look like the old one.  A few new stickers have appeared on the door, and they’re just as classy as the ones on the old bus.  Even better, it appears that he chose to install a storage rack for beer bottle openers just behind his seat!  This guy is just a badass!

We haven’t had any noteworthy explosions from the current (old) bus driver yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.  I doubt we’ll have to wait very long.

Until next time.


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