Boreyong Mudfest

I apologize for the delay in this post.  I was under the weather earlier this week, so I’ve been a bit lazy.  I have also been waiting for my friends to share their pictures from last weekend, which I needed to steal for this post.

Boreyong Mudfest is an annual festival on Korea’s west coast where thousands of people come together to play in the mud.  For two weeks every year, the small town of Boreyong looks like Daytona Beach.  Originally a celebration of the local mud that is believed to have several health benefits, it has morphed into a huge muddy drunkfest over the past fifteen years.

I paid 90,000 won (~$80) to join one of three tour groups that left Daegu early last Saturday.  Ours was the largest tour group, totaling six large buses and about 300 people.  I estimate that at least 500 foreigners from Daegu went to Boreyong on Saturday morning – not counting the people who traveled via public transportation.

I could go on and on about all of the fun things that happened over the weekend, but I’ll keep this one short.  I’m confident that pictures will do a much better job of describing the chaos that is Boreyong Mudfest.

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Until next time.


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One thought on “Boreyong Mudfest

  1. Bill Love says:

    Looks like fun!

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