I’ve mentioned in other posts that Koreans are not good communicators, at least when it comes to dealing with westerners.  I don’t understand exactly why that is, but there seems to be a profound disconnect when it comes to understanding what we are trying to say.  Of course, the fact that most Koreans don’t speak English is a major factor, but there’s more to it.  There is an inability to figure things out when presented with limited information (within the context of communicating with westerners).

Every non-Korean-speaking expat in Korea has a wealth of stories about communication problems.  This is especially true for teachers, as many of us are the only westerners in the entire school.  I had one such episode today.

I deviated from my lesson plan today when I realized that none of my students knew what rhyming was.  At first, they couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea of an English rhyme.  I explained it and gave several examples.  Once they seemed to get it, I started to quiz them.  I went around the room asking each of them to come up with a word that rhymes with the word I’m saying.

Me:  Ok, guys.  Great job!  Time for a new word.  DOOR.
Student 1:  FLOOR.
Me:  Nice job!
Student 2:  POOR.
Me:  Awesome!
Student 3:  ….uhhhh….
Me:  Here’s a clue.  Can I please have some _________.
Student 3:  CHICKEN!!!!

Until next time.


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One thought on “CHICKEN!!!

  1. Page Trimble says:

    I think like that kid. I’m always thinking about food.

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