No Wonder…

No wonder none of these kids can speak English.  Because I’m teaching summer school for a few weeks, I have a different schedule.  The vice principal and I take turns using my classroom, which is attached to my office.  This means that I can hear everything that he says.  I am constantly cringing as I listen to him do “Listen and Repeat” exercises with the students.

“The dog ate my leg and it is hurts.”

“I have appointment with my friends at the movies cinema.”

“Mr. Lee is the best.  He will come back in a victory.”

“The coffee store is where I meet my friend for appointments and fun.”

I tried correcting him a few times, but he likes to argue with me.  As it turns out, his three months of “accelerated Engerish speak crasses” that he received two years ago trump my life experience.  So, the next best thing is to listen carefully while he teaches and try to learn from the master.  I’ll share the wealth if he comes up with any more gems next week.

Until next time.


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