I’m sure you remember Mr. Bae, the socially unaware jackass who loves to invade my personal space and make me feel more uncomfortable than a public colon cleanse.  I got an extra long dose today!

Mr. Bae and I had a class together this morning.  I played a K-Pop quiz game with the students for most of the period.  As usual, he stood awkwardly in the corner and occasionally translated something (generally when it wasn’t needed).  After class, he followed me into my office.  This is normal, but it generally lasts five minutes or less.  This morning, I was blessed with almost an hour of his company.

He walked in, grabbed a chair, and slid it next to mine.  He sat so close to me that he rested his arm on my chair’s arm rest.  Before I could grab the computer mouse and pretend to be busy, he grabbed it and closed the PowerPoint presentation on which I was working.  Because he barely knows any English, he just clicked randomly, choosing not to save the unfinished document.

He opened the K-Pop quiz game that we did in class and began playing.  Apparently, he likes this vacuous, horrible music as much as the students.  For the next 45 minutes, he sat at my desk and played the game.  Because he didn’t realize there was a “home” button built into the game, he had to close the file and reopen it after every question in order to return to the main game board.


The file is HUGE that contains lots of videos, so it takes at least fifteen seconds to reload the game.  This doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up quickly, especially when the computer gets bogged down and loads the game even more slowly.  It felt like an eternity watching this dumbass answer a question, close the file, reload the file and begin the next question.  I didn’t have the answer sheet handy, so he couldn’t even check his answers.

I don’t have much time left before my next class, so I guess I should get back to REmaking the PowerPoint file that Mr. Bae erased.

Until next time.


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