That Grammas Are Wrong

I mentioned in my previous post that I am playing a K-Pop quiz game this week with my high school classes.  It has been pretty successful with the high school students, so I decided to try it out with middle school today.  I chose my 8th graders, because my coteacher never shows up and their English level is low.  I thought the K-Pop game was a great way to keep them engaged for an hour.

The coteacher for that class, the vice principal, has not shown up for a single class in two months.  Unfortunately, he chose to grace us with his presence today (the one day he wasn’t needed).  He did a good job of staying out of my hair (I know, ironic) for the first half of the class, but he decided to butt in during the second half.  Instead of voicing his disapproval of my game in private, he stopped class to tell me that he was surprised by my poor grammar.

I was shocked.  I didn’t know what he was talking about.  Finally, he explained that my game was full of grammatical errors.  The students must read a song’s lyrics and guess the artist and title.  Because they are song lyrics, they sometimes don’t make sense out of context.  This is, of course, part of the challenge for students.

I tried to explain that I did not write the sentences – I simply copied and pasted the song lyrics into the game.  I could tell he wasn’t satisfied, but he let it go…until he saw this:


VP:  That grammars are wrong!
Me:  Yes the grammar is wrong.  Should I call the record company and complain?
VP:  No, you will correct the grammars in game.
Me:  Do you understand that these are song lyrics?  If I “correct” them, we cannot play the game.
VP:  But you cannot say “again” two times like this.  It is wrong grammars.
Me:  You can say it twice if you’re singing this song.
VP:  But the grammars are wrong.
Me:  Tell me exactly what you want me to do.
VP:  The grammars are wrong.  Make the grammars right.
Me:  Ok, I’ll change them before my next class.  *total lie*

If we weren’t standing in front of the students during that exchange, I might have blown a gasket.  I think their presence may have saved my job.   I definitely owe them one.

Until next time.


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3 thoughts on “That Grammas Are Wrong

  1. Wow. Had similar ‘conversations’ in front of the kids…tact isn’t a strong point here.

  2. leaponoverua says:

    Oooh, as an English Major with a creative writing concentration you could have tried to end that conversation a different way. Judging by your VP it might not have worked but all you need to say is, “Song lyrics are actually poetry and it is perfectly acceptable to break some grammar rules in creative writing”. Then show him a poem from somebody that even he would recognize like Shakespeare, Frost, or Longfellow and smile the whole time 🙂

    • wtl0715 says:

      That’s a good idea. If that ever comes up again, and it might, I’ll definitely throw that one at him. I have a feeling he might be underwhelmed by the common sense, but it’s worth a try!

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