Movie Time

After work yesterday, I met my friend Scott (New Zealand) to watch a movie.  We decided to go see the new Bourne movie, which was (not surprisingly) aggressively mediocre.  After dinner, we hurried to the theater and made it just in time.  Unfortunately, most of the seats in the theater were already sold out.  Customers select seats in advance at Korean theaters, so most of the decent seats were already taken.  The only remaining options were the front row and the back row.  We chose the back row.

We noticed the price was a bit higher for back row seats.  This must explain why most of the back row was still empty – customers have to pay a premium for them.  But we didn’t mind – a few extra dollars was better than craning our necks for two hours.

We hurried upstairs and arrived just before the movie started.  We walked up to the top row and found our seat.  That’s right – seat!  We accidentally purchased a single seat meant to be shared by a couple…

We were so embarrassed that we had to laugh.  In fact, we laughed so hard that people around us began to notice.  That only made matters worse.  It took us a solid five minutes to get ourselves under control.  As if being a couple of giggling idiots wasn’t enough – we were crammed together in a love-seat made for people half our size.

A few minutes later, the couple in front of us stood up and looked for an open back row seat.  We immediately offered to trade with them, and they happily accepted.  We were lucky to not spend the entire movie practically on top of one another.  I will never make that mistake again!

Until next time.


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6 thoughts on “Movie Time

  1. Hahaha! I love the couples seats!

  2. Robin Love says:


    I am traveling Miami to DC, but miss you. Hope all is going well for you.

    Love, Mom

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. leaponoverua says:

    LMAO! They don’t have those in Iksan fortunately, but I know I could have made that mistake at least once if I had that option!

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