Decision Time

It’s time to decide what to do next year.  I know I’m staying in Korea, but beyond that, I can’t figure out what to do.  The problem is that I have to make a decision soon.  In fact – I have to decide today.  I have three options: 1) stay with my school  2) request a transfer to a different EPIK school, or  3) leave EPIK altogether.

The decision to leave my current school is a no-brainer.  They simply don’t play by the rules.  The difficult decision is whether to request a transfer or to roll the dice and find a hagwon (private academy) job.  The only reason that I am considering working for a hagwon is because I like my neighborhood.  Hagwons are everywhere in Korea, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find one close to home.  If I transfer within EPIK, I run the risk of being moved to a school that is far away.  This would be disappointing, since I have recently met a great group of friends who live near me.

My school has made it clear that they want me to stay.  Several teachers have said that the vice principal wants me to stick around for another year.  At first it seemed like a good idea, because I’m starting to connect with many of my students – even some of the bad ones that made my life difficult in the beginning.  Unfortunately, the school administration told me that they will continue to require that I work after-hours several days a week if I stay (a clear violation of the contract).

I’m afraid I’ll end up flipping a coin at the end of the day.  There isn’t an easy answer here, since both choices have a clear upside and a clear downside.  I’ll let you know what happens.

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One thought on “Decision Time

  1. Jackson says:

    Leave Wisconsin (or wherever you are) and come back to civilization!

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