Watch Your Ass, Column!

Drunk people love riding on the subway in Korea.  After 5pm,  you are guaranteed to see at least one old drunk guy (though they generally travel in groups) on the metro.  If you are white, you can rest assured that, at least once a week, one will engage you.  They especially love Americans, which isn’t so great for me.

Old Korean men (even the sober ones) have zero respect for personal space – which is slightly less than most Koreans.  What is usually a tolerable cultural difference between younger people becomes incredibly annoying when old people are involved.  Old people usually have no problem grabbing you to get your attention or holding your arm/hand when they talk to you.  That means that a subway train is the perfect place for drunk guys to corner you and talk at you in Konglish.  Occasionally, they are so annoying that I have to get off a the wrong stop and wait for the next train.

Last weekend, my friend Adam (USA) and I saw the best drunk guy yet.  Though he wasn’t old, he put on a better show than most of the old guys I’ve seen.  While waiting for a train at the busiest station in Daegu, he put on an epic martial arts demonstration.  For about five minutes, he argued and fought a huge column in the subway terminal.  I pretended that I was texting and caught some of it on video.

We tried to distance ourselves from him when the train arrived, but somehow he ended up right next to us.  Since there wasn’t enough room in the train for the man to keep fighting, he decided to do pull-ups on the hand-rails mounted above the seats.  He managed to piss off everyone in our section of the subway car, nearly falling into several people’s’ laps.

Now that I have a cell phone app that lets me take pictures and videos silently, I’ll try to get more videos and pictures of subway drunks to share with you.

Until next time.


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